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I was lost with the next action steps in my business if I'm being completely honest. Tyler helped provide clarity which gave me the confidence I needed to be able to execute. The way Tyler breaks down his action plans provides me a simple, and logical way to tackle the most important tasks on the table. This mentorship has been priceless.
Mike Carels - Founder AMZ Authority (See Full Video Testimonial)
The value so far from Productized Mentor has been incredible. We're still working with Tyler to optimize a lot of aspects within our company. I have really enjoyed his ideas, and an outside perspective on key things to automate we didn't originally consider or see. Our company was really starting to take over my lifestyle. Tyler has been able to help reverse that, and really help us maximize our margins so we make more as we continue to grow. Being able to work with Tyler has helped me optimize the time I spend in the business which allows me to spend more time with my kids which has been very important.
Greg Heilers - CEO Jolly SEO (See Full Video Testimonial)
When you first are starting a business you end up tossing a lot against the wall to see what works. It is hard to know if you are doing things right or are moving in the right direction. The ups and downs are rough. Productized Mentor really helps solve this problem. Having access to Tyler has been a huge advantage for me to get feedback in real-time as I build.
Patrick Frank - Founder Edit Video Calls (See Full Video Testimonial)
When I first met Tyler I was just starting Freshly Squeezed. I'm incredibly grateful for his contribution to the strategy, and the growth of my business. Productized Mentor helps me look at different ideas around growing my business in real-time that is hard to replicate anywhere else. I honestly can say every part of my business has improved since joining. Consider the downsides of not having someone like Tyler in your business to mentor and guide you.
Adam Crookes - CEO of Freshly Squeezed (Seel Full Video Testimonial)
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"You can't read the label while you're inside the jar" - My mentor, Keith Cunningham

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Productized Mentor Experience

  • 90-min kick-off strategy call & custom "Productized Prescription" to close the "gap" on your biggest goals
  • Unlimited 1:1 asynchronous access to me via Whatsapp
  • Detailed & thoughtful responses in the form of text, loom videos, and or audio every Monday & Thursday
  • Access to my Productized REPS framework, Exit Checklist, Second brain of resources, Frameworks, and Strategic network in Notion
  • Monthly KPI tracking and accountability to track progress over time
Every week Tyler brings me incredible insights to help me grow my productized content writing service. The personalized mentorship is truly invaluable. Before Productized Mentor I was trying to figure out way too much on my own. I was overwhelmed and had too many unknown questions. Tyler has been the mentor/advisor I needed. I have been able to streamline my hiring systems, optimize my pricing, margins, and dial in my positioning.
Jesse Forrest - Founder Copywriting Crew (Sell Full Video Testimonial)
My problem was that I was literally doing every single task in my agency. I personally had half a dozen part-time jobs with every client completely custom. I was stuck, and felt like I couldn't delegate or automate anything. Tyler has helped me streamline my onboarding & deliverables. He is good at helping you see what you don't and taking a step back from your business. This has allowed me to actually grow the business. Something I didn't have the luxury of doing before.
Kris - Founder Webinar Grow (See Full Video Testimonial)
I love the ability to chat in real-time with a seasoned Productized Service entrepreneur. It's invaluable to have this access with someone who has been there and done that with selling multiple companies. What I like is the quality of advice which I think really shines through compared to other programs out there. Everything is personalized for me, thoughtful, and actionable.
Mark Cann - Founder Lead Nuggets (See Full Video Testimonial)


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